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An applicant who wishes to apply of the post of a receptionist must first construct a receptionist resume using the appropriate elements of resume construction so as to create the maximum impact in the job application process. It should be written in such manner that the recruiter gets good glimpses of a skilled receptionist while reading the resume. In order to construct a jaw dropping resume one must first have a better understanding of the elements and factors that are required for writing a better resume. Below mentioned are some points following which one can write a better receptionist resume.

How to write an outstanding resume for the post of a receptionist?

  • Understand the position: One applying for the position of a receptionist must know what it is like working as a receptionist and what are the responsibilities and duties involved. Receptionists are employees who sit at the reception of an organization and are assigned the duty of welcoming guests and persons entering the organization. They also manage the help desk and attend important calls and queries of people calling or coming to the organization. They have other responsibilities as well and therefore a receptionist must possess good multitasking capabilities. Some of the other important tasks of a receptionist include management of appointments, conduction of meetings, electronic and manual maintenance of records, writing letters and documents, keeping record of guests and visitors.

  • Try to figure out what the recruiter wants: By understanding what the recruiter wants to see in your resume you can surely create a resume that will be appreciated by the recruiter. But it is not easy to know what the recruiter is looking for. In such a case you should go for the basics and try to advertise yourself properly. Make your resume in such a way that it is easy to read and understand. It should be convincing and designed in such fashion that the recruiter should feel that you possess the right talent and skills. Writing in an appropriate language portrays your proficiency in good communication. Better organization and systematic representation of your personal and professional data reflects your management and organizational skills. Proper display of your professional experience reflects your exposure in the professional environment. In short your resume should tell that you are the most eligible person for the job and hiring you will be a great profit for the organization.

  • Capitalize on your skills: The recruiter must know your skills and expertise so that he can determine on your potential and capabilities. You must give detailed description of your technical, professional, and personal skills and mention about your expertise in the various allied fields.

  • Format your resume: You must choose a proper format for writing your resume. Formats are available online and you should choose one as per your requirement. You must not copy the whole sample and only take the idea of the format for constructing your own resume.

Below is a sample resume that will help applicants in writing an appropriate receptionist resume.

Sample Receptionist Resume

Lawrence K. Acuff
4722 Public Works Drive
Kingsport, TN 37660
Telephone: 4856 49959
Email: [email protected]

Career Objective: Looking forward to work as a receptionist in a reputed and prestigious organization where I can use my good communication skills for addressing guests and clients, and my excellent organization and management skills for handling various allied responsibilities associated with the post, that will help me in gaining positive professional experience and facilitate smooth working of the organization as well.

Career Profile: Possess a professional experience of 3 years as a receptionist in two of the most prestigious firms in the market. Possess excellent communication skills and along with client management, and work organizational skills.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Work experience of 3 years in the field of receptionist.
  • Possess excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Expertise in receiving and making calls to clients and other important people.
  • Managing the help desk.
  • Possess expertise in document and important worksheet management.
  • Expertise in the management and operation of meetings and appointments.
  • Proficiency in the use of several office related computer software
  • Excellent behavioral and professionalism skills.

Professional History:

  1. Firm: Willington Hotels
    Position: Receptionist
    Duration: January 2011 to present

    • Addressing guests and clients entering the organization.
    • Organizing meetings with clients and business officials.
    • Receiving and making important calls.
    • Organizing of important appointments.
    • Managing of important documents and files.

  2. Firm: Overseas Holes Las Vegas
    Position: Receptionist
    Duration: December 2008 to December 2010

    • Primarily assigned to address guests and clients.
    • Working at the help desk and answering and making important calls.
    • Keeping records of people going in and out of the organization.
    • Organizing meeting and appointments.


  • Completed High School Education from Saint Mary's International High School.
  • Completed graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Williamson's University.
  • Diploma Degree in Receptionist and client management.

I hereby declare that the information provided above is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosures: Reference letters, resume, appreciation letter.

The sample of receptionist resume provided above will surely help applicants in constructing their own resumes that will surely assist them positively in the job application process.

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