Help Desk Resume

Your help desk resume needs to outline the candidate's skills in providing accurate technical solutions for various technical issues pertaining to the products and services of the company. Your resume must highlight your knowledge in IT and different troubleshooting techniques. A help desk resume should not only showcase your technical skills, but also your professional qualification. You may include your proficiency in remote desktop troubleshooting, database management, windows, and server troubleshooting techniques.

Writing a help desk resume might seem like a difficult task; but, if you free your mind and organize your thoughts to include in your resume, it is as easy as writing a letter to your friend. The best way to save your time on this is by referring to free resume samples and templates available in this website and throughout the web; use them to assist you in constructing your own.

There are even professional resume writers who charge a fee in order to prepare a resume for you. Such services are only meant for those who are either born lazy or too bored to construct their own resume. Eventually, there will be a time when these services will only be used by imaginary characters in a hypothetical situation, for we all know that such services are only means of extracting more money out of the common man's pocket, using sloth of individuals as a potential market for capital interests.

A help desk resume should consist of the following:

  • An objective effectively portraying your career aspirations and goals
  • Your professional history signifying your previous work experience and your job responsibilities in your previous employment
  • Your academic details including the name of your degree, the institution, the period of education and your final grades
  • Instead of enlisting your job responsibilities, you may also provide a skills and accomplishments sections where you get to focus solely on your skills and special interests along with your non-mundane achievements during education and employment.
  • If you are required to provide references, then you may do so at the end of your resume

Given below is a great sample of a help desk resume that will aid you in the process of constructing an effective one. The following sample is a functional resume, where the key skills are highlighted instead of job roles and responsibilities. In case you prefer a chronological resume, all you need to do is to exclude the skills section and include job roles and responsibilities in your professional qualification section.

Joseph M. McGlone

2292 Airplane Avenue - Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: (860) 852-7623 - Email:[email protected]

Help Desk Professional

Highly skilled technical associate with excellent communication skills, to coordinate with co-workers as well as clients in order to troubleshoot issues related to windows, servers, database management, and other computer applications.


  • Sound knowledge of remote desktop trouble shooting
  • Over 2 years of experience in windows troubleshooting
  • Ability to deal with hardware as well as software issues
  • Good understanding in essential malware detection and removal, manually
  • In-depth knowledge in server troubleshooting and networking
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills to communicate with clients and customers
  • Self motivated and confident with all the solutions offered
  • High resolution rate with the elimination of the root causes of issues to prevent them from reoccurring


SQL Server Studio Express - Dameware - GUI Tools - Windows/Linux - Microsoft Office Works - ACIS - CITRIX - Remote Desktop Connection - TCP/IP - UNIX/DOS - CISCO - Netscape - Remedy - Windows 9x Client and Server


Synechron Technologies
Designation: Sr. IT consultant - Location: New Bedford - Duration: Mar 2010 till Oct 2011

Designation: Technical Associate - Location: Barnstable - Duration: Apr 2009 till Feb 2011


Bachelor of Information Technology
Institute: Boston Community College - Location: Boston - Completion: Feb 2009
Secured 62.97% and was placed in Grade B after the final assessments

The help desk resume sample above, should give you a clear idea of how you need to construct your resume. Be sure to include references at the end if the employer has specified.

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