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The queue of candidates for an administration job is long, as everyone wants to capture a vacancy in the administration department. That is given considering the fact that the admin department is placed higher than many other departments on the internal hierarchical structure of the organization. Employees working in the admin department are awarded a higher remuneration for their jobs, and their work does not entail as much physical or emotional stress, as much as the individual departments working below the admin.

The competition for an administrative position is stiff, and in order to bag the job of your dreams, you need to helm a superb administration resume sure to knock the socks off the candidate resume reviewers at the companies where you apply for an admin post.

It is with that very intention that we have provided you with a detailed way of going about preparing an administration resume. But first, let us see what duties an administrative job comprises of exactly:

Variations in an Administrative Department

An administration employee has to oversee the smooth running of the company. This includes, but is not limited to, making sure that the employees working in the departments under them are committed to their work, whether they are completing the tasks assigned to them properly, and on time, whether productivity of the company is coming along perfectly or not, whether the set targets are being achieved or not, et cetera.

Multinational companies have various wings and auxiliary wings that make up their internal structure, which is why it is vital for an entire department to exist, just to oversee the workings of the various sections of the company. There are a number of different positions on the admin job list that you could apply for, depending upon your qualifications and area of expertise and interest-

  • System Admin - These are the administration employees, who work as "tech help" for the company, and answer all the grievances of the employees related to the technical side, including computer h/w plus s/w problems, system installations, reinstallation and check whether the various cables are in top form, and whether the internet servers are functioning properly.

  • Financial Admin - The financial admin perform tasks similar to members from the accounting job. They review financial papers and tax forms to see whether there are any mistakes on them; fill out pay checks and see to the handling of other paperwork.

  • Customer Service Manager - A customer service manager is given the task of supervising over a batch of customer service employees in the company. If the customer service executives are unable to resolve customer issues properly, the customer service manager is expected to perform immediate damage control by assuring the customer that his or her problem would be looked into immediately.

  • Human Resources Admin - The HR admin have to address the issues facing company employees. Basically, they have to work as an intermediate link between the employer and the employee. The employer's instructions and guidelines need to be explained in full to the employees, while the employees' problems need to be heard out and given suitable solutions for, as deemed fit by the company. A member of the HR admin may also have to participate in the recruitment of new employees and conduct them through the orientation process.

So for such a varied job with different designations under a general title of "administration Employee", how do you exactly prepare a resume?

Points for Preparing an administration Resume

  • The beginning of the administration resume, just like a regular resume, should start with Personal Details including Name of Job Candidate, Address, Contact Information et cetera.

  • Next, you may write a line or two describing which aspect of the admin department you are actually interested in joining, and your goals in regards to achieving the job.

For example, if you are trying for a Customer Service Manager post, your Objective will read like this-


Aim to utilize all of my accumulated past experience as a team lead in the customer servicing department, in order to properly manage and control the functions of the customer care employees of your esteemed company, as well as directly redress the worries of the customers, if need be, either by phone or personally.

  • In the Previous Work Experience section of the resume, you precisely write down the role you played regarding administration. Explain in bullet points all the requirements asked of you at your last job(s), under the designation title and years of experience at the respective previous job.

  • A bullet point list for skills again. See to it that your skills are relevant to the admin vacancy you are applying for, as well as drawing from your previous experience.

  • Your academic qualifications, the most important details being the mentioning of your college graduate degree (including information on which majors you had taken), the name of your college, and the year you graduated

An administration resume is incredibly simple to put together as illustrated above. The trick lies in being clear about which part of admin you are interested in, as the administration department is diverse. Once you have firmly decided on that, 75% of your work is already done!

Sample Administration Resumes

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