Film Editor Resume

A Film Editor Resume is used by editors to apply for jobs with production houses. They specialize in film and video editing. Predominantly, editors used to work on reels while editing the film (cutting, joining and arranging scenes in a desired sequence), using a method known as linear film editing. However, with the advent of technology and availability of digital HD cameras like Red One and Sony F23/ F35/ F65 CineAlta, film making has become less expensive and the process of editing has changed to non-linear editing. These digital HD cameras record full HD images (1080 p resolution) and then the editor takes the data on the hard disk, which is then connected to the editing console ( Mac machine, Avid, etc.). Now the editor can endlessly go forward and backward on the timeline, without the tension of the reel getting damaged, and selecting the scenes for editing. This process involves performing tele-sync on the raw footage, which means, converting the reel format to digital format by taking the reel's backup on your editing machine. Once the editor completes the editing, he uses the reverse tele-sync method to print the finished movie onto the film reel.

This job is a highly technical one but also, at the same time, one of the rarest jobs, which demands equal level of creativity on the part of the editor who can regularly push the boundaries of cinema by the way of break-through editing techniques.

Following is a Film Editor Resume sample.

Joel Bernard
23-C West Street
Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 231-9321


To combine my technical skills with my creative ones and together with the director, complete his vision with clear understanding and shared passion.


  • Worked with Directors like Clint Eastwood, Steven Soderbergh and Michael Mann
  • Won Best Editor Golden Globe for "Vera's Secret friend".
  • Edited 10 movies till date
  • Graphic designer with good knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • Extensively worked in Steenbeck

Skill Set

  • Expert in tele-sync and reverse tele-sync
  • Good experience of analog editing using Steenbeck
  • Good knowledge of digital film processing using Avid and Final Cut Pro 7.
  • Deliver perfectly blended work, thanks to the knowledge of DVD Studio Pro, Sony DVD Architect and video format conversions.
  • Good experience in working on HD camera footage

Other Skills

  • Sound knowledge of Red One's operation
  • Well-learned in using Photoshop

Work Experience as an Editor

  • MOVIE- The Dance (2011)
    Director- ___________

  • MOVIE- A Penguin Tale (2010)
    Director- ___________

  • MOVIE- Vera's Secret Friend (2010)

  • MOVIE- Falcon East (2008)

  • MOVIE- Paper Plans (2007)


  • Diploma in Film Editing, Film School of New York, 1998
  • Graduation in English Literature, University of California, 1996


  • Recipient of Best Editing Golden Globe for Vera's Secret Friend, (2010)
  • Best Editing award for Falcon East, (2008) at Ivy Film Festival
  • Got a chance to work with directors of the caliber of Clint Eastwood, Steven Soderbergh and Michael Mann


  • Member of Faculty, Editing, at Film School of New York since 2009
  • Member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild of America

A film editor resume has a very large scope for filling in information but you should, rather stick to the relevant details according to the kind of project you are applying for. Understandably, this kind of profile would contain a lot of technical terms sprinkled all over the resume, but it's your responsibility to write it all in the most simplest language such that you tell the recruiter about your important work and at the same time, are also able to maintain the sense of its technical importance.

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