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Actor resumes are resumes written by actors with talent and expertise in acting. Acting is a very challenging as well as an intensely creative career. In the present era, with the flourish and prosperity of the entertainment sector, acting has become a very pursuable job profile these days. Not only has the number of movies, the number of TV channels and shows aired on TV has increased rapidly. As a result, people with talents of acting can now apply for an acting job line.

Applicants who are applying for an acting profession, and are auditioning for a TV show or a movie, must know how to write an acting resume so as to create maximum impact on the employer. There are several techniques and rules which one must follow while writing an acting resume. Below mentioned are some tips that will help applicants in writing better resumes for pursuing a career in acting.

Tips for writing actor resume

  • Proper format: Choosing a proper format is important. Applicants must conduct some online research, and look for the format that suits the profile. Format provides the basic structure on which the resume is to be constructed. Applicants cannot organize all the facts and figures about their personal and professional life, without a format.

  • Keeping it brief: Applicants must keep the resume brief. The recruiter won't enjoy reading a long story about applicant's life. Applicants must keep things brief and to the point. No unnecessary information should be provided which is irrelevant to the post. Avoiding long sentences and paragraphs and writing in bulleted points is highly recommended.

  • Keeping it simple: Applicants must write the resume in simple English. They should not use complicated words that are difficult to read and understand.

  • Maintaining proper tone: It is advised to write the resume in an official tone. Using a formal tone makes the resume look more professional. Applicants should not use informal and casual words, as it lowers the quality of the resume, and creates a bad impression of the applicant.

  • Highlighting important points: Applicants must highlight important points like skills, expertise, professional experience, etc., as the recruiter will put more stress on these points and judge the applicant's eligibility, depending on these points.

  • Proof reading: Applicants must proof read the resume 2 to 3 times once it is completed. Without proof reading, chances of spelling and typo errors persist.

Below is a sample resume that will help applicants in understanding the resume of an actor better. The resume consists of fictitious details, and the candidates can change the facts as per their comfort.

Sample Actor Resume

Jacob Stewart
10th Husking Avenue, Great Palms Estate, Beverly Hills
Loss Angeles, California (345 54624)
Email address: [email protected]
Contact number: 345234 22222

Career objective: Looking for an opportunity to work as an actor with a reputed movie production house, where my acting skills and talents will be profitable for the firm and help boost my career.

Career summary: Prior expertise in working with some good production houses, and played versatile roles on camera that includes commercial advertisements, drama, serials, etc.


  • Speciality in dance with expertise in hip-hop, free style, rumba, ball room dancing and salsa.
  • Proficient in speaking 3 international languages; Spanish, French, and Mexican
  • Interest in music with expertise in guitar and piano
  • Expertise in martial art and kung fu

Work Experience:

  1. Films

    • Acted in "Godzilla 2" as Leonard released in March 2008
    • Worked in "Trip to London" as Peter Hans released in August 2009
    • Acted in "The Daffodils Garden" as David Ralston (lead) released in September 2010

  2. TV

    • Worked in the sitcom "Jason's Bill" as Dave aired on CBS Primetime in 2008
    • Acted in the Psychological Thriller "The Black Forest" as prime suspect Mark Anderson aired on ABC in 2010

  3. Commercials:

    • Freakish 18 Deodorant 2010
    • Ellison and Clark Leather Shoes 2011

Physical stats:

Hair: black
Weight: 185
Eyes: brown
Height: 6'3"

Interests: Adventure sports, traveling, cooking, art, etc.

Declaration: I hereby state that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.

We hope that the above sample and tips for how to write an actor resume will surely go a long way in helping applicants write their own resume for future endeavors.

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