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Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, etc., when we see these stars, we feel that they have a wonderful life, wonderful career, they make good money, etc. However, we must remember that every successful star was once a beginner. Each one of them had to begin their career, send their resumes, portfolios, etc., to many different producers and directors, who then decide their fate. Thus, be it a Manager or an Actor, everyone needs a resume to put forth his/her candidature for a particular position. An acting resume or an actor's resume will help an aspiring actor put forth his/her application for a particular role. The director or producer casting for a particular role would not come to know about you if you do not try to reach them. Thus, your resume would help you to do so, and get you a role you always dreamt of.

Why do I need a resume?

The main question in your mind is why would you need a resume? You are no engineer, manager, etc., then how would a resume help you. The answer to this question is - you send your portfolio to the concerned producer or director. However, just looking at the image, a person would not come to know about your talent, your work, achievements, etc. Only your photos will not help you get a role. You have to speak about your work experience, interests and achievements. Thus, you need a resume. A portfolio only speaks about your looks, your physique, etc., but your resume will speak about your talent and interests. Thus, a well-written resume is a must for you.

How should an Actor's resume be?

Now that you are convinced with the fact that you need a resume to apply for roles, the next question is how your resume would be. Will it be like any other resume, or something different? One must remember that the aim of the resume in any field remains the same. There is no difference between engineer and actor resume. Both will aim to present the candidate to the prospective employer in the best possible way. Thus, the basic of the resume will remain the same for an acting resume as well.

An actor while making his/her resume has to follow the basic protocols of resume writing such as -

  1. Format of the resume
  2. Style of the resume
  3. Segregation of the resume in different parts providing specific information
  4. Answering the employers queries like - What differentiates you from others?; How would you benefit the organization?; Why should we choose you over others?, etc.
  5. The header of the resume is very important, as it would mention your name, contact details, and some specific degree/title. The font size of the header should be slightly more than the regular font size used in the resume. Highlight the same by making it bold.

Work Experience Section:

Try to understand the requirement of the role, and find out more about the working style of the director or producer you wish to work with. This would give you an idea about the work experience section of the resume. Out of all your work experience that comprises of different dramas, theater, etc.; stress more on the one, which relates to the role you wish to apply for. Mention the others as well; however, stressing on the roles that suit the requirement of the role put forth by the director or producer would increase the chances of your selection.


A fresher solely depends on his/her portfolio, talent, passion and luck. Getting a role would be comparatively difficult for a fresher. However, a good resume would still increase the chances. A fresher's resume should include all the courses taken up in acting, dance forms learned, etc. The career objective in this resume would mean a lot. If you have worked in any school play, dramas, won any drama competition at school/college level, are a part of some street play group, etc., then mention the same in your resume. Speak of all that you have done related to acting.

Thus, work towards a good resume that would help you get your dream role. To help you accomplish your dream further, we have given an acting resume sample in the link below. You can use the same and modify it as per your requirement or write you own resume referring to the same.

Sample Acting Resumes

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