Accounts Payable Resume

An account payable resume is written by applicants who want to pursue their career the accounting field. Applicants with good knowledge in accounting and finance can apply for the accounts payable post. But before applying for the post applicants will have to present a resume in front of the recruiter.

A resume is important and explains the applicant's expertise and credentials to the recruiter. The employer will get a better idea and can decide on the applicant's eligibility for the post if the resume that is being presented in front of him is perfectly made. There are some techniques and rules involved when the question of writing a better resume arises. Below mentioned are a step by step procedure by which one can write a perfect resume for their job application.

Tips for writing a better resume for the Accounts Payable Post

  • Applicants should first do some online research before attempting to write the resume. By doing the research applicants can get a proper idea about the different types of formats and layout designs available. There are various samples and tips available on how to write a particular resume for a particular post.

  • Applicants must select a proper lay out design or format style before writing a resume. A format is important as it gives the resume its proper shape. Without a format applicants won't be able to write all the details about personal, professional and academic history properly.

  • Applicants when writing the resume must frame the resume in a proper official or formal tone. A formal tone gives the resume a professional outlook. Applicants must not use informal word or phrases as it will hamper with the quality of the resume.

  • The resume must be written briefly. Applicants must keep their resume small and to the point. They should not provide any unnecessary details that are irrelevant to the post.

  • The resume must be written in simple understandable language so as to facilitate easy reading for the recruiter.

  • Applicants must highlight the important points like skills, achievements, etc. so that the employer can have a look on applicant's credentials quickly and properly when he/she reads the resume.

  • Proof reading the resume is important as it reduces the chances of typo errors and grammatical mistakes in the resume.

Below is a free sample resume for applicant's reference from which they can have a proper look on the format style and writing standards for writing a proper accounts payable resume. The sample given below contains fictitious details and applicants ca update their resume as per their individual statistics.

Sample of Accounts Payable Resume

William Farris
17th Columbia Avenue, Bronx
Manhattan, New York City (565 56753)
Email address:
Contact Information: 54645 4555

Career Objective: Looking for a challenging post of an Account Payable where my expertise and skills will help in the progress of the firm and provide me with some quality professional experience.

Career Profile: Prior experience of working as an accountant in a reputed financial corporation for a period of 4 years. Possess excellent analytical, accounting and communication skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Prior 4 years experience of working as a accountant
  • Expertise in financial accounting, preparing reports, analysis of data, etc.
  • Processing of various administrative works
  • Possess expert computer skills
  • Expertise in accounting programs like Oracle, Deltek, ACCPAC
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent team working skills

Professional History:

Company: GNEXT Bank
Designation: Senior Accountant
Duration: July 2007 to January 2011


  • Primarily assigned for collection of money from clients
  • Making and reviewing of reports
  • Research work on reports and tracing of miscalculations if any
  • Reporting to administrational heads about current and future status


  • Achieved Masters in Accounting from New York University
  • Did graduation in finance from New York University

Personal Interest: Traveling, reading novels, watching dramas and plays, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above Information is true to my knowledge.

Reference: Will be submitted on request.

The above sample and tips on how to write a Accounts Payable Resume will surely help applicants in constriction a resume that will be both appreciated and approved by the employer.

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