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Resume Examples The aim of procuring education, or a particular skill set, is getting a good job. Many of us when enrolling for a particular course or training program, have a dream in our minds. We see ourselves at a particular position in that field, and wish to work with the best employer in that particular field. Besides your degree and grades, a very important aspect of your career is your 'Resume'. The employers, before seeing your grades, and meeting you in person, has a look at your resume. He/she screens candidates on the basis of these resumes. This makes it very clear, that your attempt to make your best impression on your prospective employer depends on your 'Resume'. Not all are good at writing a resume for themselves. Also, there are various styles and resume examples, based on experience, job profile, etc. For this, most of us refer to example resumes available online, and just pick up one randomly. This is where we go wrong. Choosing a resume without understanding its purpose might not let you create the right impression.

What is a Resume?

Here you will understand what exactly a resume is, as well as it will state the precise functions of a resume. In a very simple and a systematic way, it will help you in drafting a latest resume mentioning your relevant proficiency and talent.

A 'Resume' also known as 'Curriculum Vitae' or 'Bio data' is a document, which presents you and your qualifications, skills, abilities and goals in life, in front of the employer. Aren't these words big enough? Your career depends on these words, right? It summarizes the information in such a way that the reader or the prospective employer gets an idea about your educational, professional and personal details.

Purpose of a Resume:

A resume is used mainly for procuring a job. When an employer has some positions vacant, he/she has a job description ready. According to this job description, they search for resumes. The resumes that match the job description put down by the employer are considered first. In this job description, the employer mentions the age, qualification and skill sets required for that particular position. Any resume answering these queries would be preferred first.

This makes it very important that you present all your skills and abilities on your resume in such a way that it answers the employer's questions in terms of job requirement.

Online resume examples:

The job search and communication with the employers has seen a drastic change since the involvement of internet. Previously, the resume examples were sent via postal mail, but now everything has changed and e-mail or electronic mail has come into picture. With this change, we have seen a drastic transformation in resume writing styles, and its importance. This is because the competition is tough now, as the employer can reach you or vice versa, via your resume posted online or sent through an e-mail in any corner of the world.

This has led to the development of many online sites that provide you with resume writing services. However, we believe that if you understand the importance of a resume, and get the tips that help you write a good resume, you can write an effective and winning resume yourself. For this, you can also refer to many example resumes here, which help you understand the current format and style of the resume that suits your skill set.

Writing a Resume:

When it comes to writing a resume, people tend to get confused due to many notions and myths. Some say that it should only be a one-page document, some say it should be in a particular format only, etc. As we said, these are 'myths'. If you have valid information, your resume can be of 2-3 pages; however, not more than that. Secondly, the example of resume is something that keeps updating, and you can change your resume format as you keep adding to your work experience and achievements. You can also make use of resume samples in order to write an effective and job winning resume.

To help you write a better resume for yourself, here are a few tips listed below:

  • Contact details: The header of your resume should have your name and contact details mentioned clearly. Make sure that you mention the updated contact number and do not change your number frequently. The employer would not take much efforts to contact you if you are not reachable in 1-2 attempts.
  • Segregation: The segregation of your resume in different sections with proper headings given to each section helps in presenting the information in a systematic manner. This makes its simpler for the employer to skip to the section of his/her interest.
  • Plan: Plan what you need to include in your resume. Do not include every piece of information. Also, make sure that before sending your resume you read the job description of the post you are applying for so that you can enhance your resume accordingly.
  • Proofread: A resume with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors would prove to be very disastrous. Such mistakes are not acceptable in a resume.

Understand the types of resumes. Refer to the example resumes, pick some styles or resume formats you like, and using the tips that help you write a good resume, write that perfect resume for yourself. After all, who else better than you can pen down a resume that represents you and your skills.

Some examples are given in the links on the left hand side of the page for your reference. These samples will help you draft a winning resume. Also, learn resume writing by reading the articles given below. You can also check out for more resume examples.

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